Anja Schwerbrock is the owner and creative director of the Anja Schwerbrock brand, based in Antwerp. 

The German-born designer grew up with classical dance and was surrounded by the world of backstage and theater and later studied tailoring at Escada, fashion design and pattern making in Hamburg. 

Travelling and working in Japan and with a background of working experience at Comme des Garcons and Dries van Noten, in 2005 Anja Schwerbrock moved to Antwerp and started her women’s brand. 

She was presenting her women’s collection during Paris Fashion Week from 2005-2011.

In 2012 Anja Schwerbrock showed her first baby and kids collection. Being creative as a fashion designer, Anja Schwerbrock is on the constant search of wearable expressions filled with freedom and individuality. Inspired by the world of ballet, circus and art adapted in her own unusual, non conform way. Anja Schwerbrock’s fashion is transferring fantasy into a self-confident reality, expressing a charming magic, set in contrast to metropolitan life. Her style always emanates rough and defined underlined by her exclusive use of natural high quality materials. Anja Schwerbrock’s spontaneous, communicative and passionate nature flows into her style, rounding the lightness, pleasant wearing comfort and relaxed expression of her designs.

Anja Schwerbrock is also doing architecture, interior design and has a ceramic collection.